How does Cashless Treatment work in Health Insurance?

How does Cashless Treatment work in Health Insurance?

September 27, 2019 2:52 pm,

What is cash less treatment?

Have you ever thought how does Cashless Treatment work in Health Insurance? With cashless treatment option, the policyholder does not have to pay for the medical expenses? The policyholder has to inform the insurer that they will avail medical care. The insurer takes care of the rest!. So, you need to have to arrange for the money during emergencies. The insurer gets in touch with the hospital and all the settlement happens without your intervention. Is it not worth? So, even if the policyholder does not have the money for treatment, cashless medical covers their medical and hospitalization needs.

Let us see How does Cashless Treatment work in Health Insurance

How does cashless treatment work?

Insurance companies will have a direct network with a certain list of hospitals. Consider HDFCLife and they have a good number of hospital listed in their network. So, if you avail the facility under the listed hospital, then you can go for cashless Mediclaim for the treatment. All most all hospitals are in the network.

What are emergency claims?

Medical emergencies arrive unexpectedly. In the case of medical emergency, accident or illness, the insurer can use the cashless Mediclaim by informing the insurer accordingly. The insurer will provide the maximum benefit applicable to the policyholder of cashless Mediclaim.

Are there any exclusions?

Most cashless plans cover most medical conditions and emergencies, there are some exceptions also. Let us know about exclusions. These exceptions can be pre-existing illness, HIV, AIDS, SITs, dental procedures, non-medical expenses etc.

However, cashless Mediclaims do cover benefits like ambulance charges, critical illnesses, pre and post hospitalization medical expenses and in-patient care, to name a few.

Cashless treatments compared to reimbursements

So, cashless Mediclaim is always a step ahead compared to reimbursement. In case of reimbursement you need to submit the bills, run pillar to post if the settlements are not done. You will have to arrange money for the treatment taken. But in cashless treatment, you need not worry at all. Even if you do not have money during an emergency, just mention the policy details with the network hospital and rest all will be taken care of.

Cashless Mediclaim also provides tax benefits and can be renewed every year throughout the lifetime of the policyholder.

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