Things to know before buying health Insurance

Things to know before buying health Insurance

September 23, 2019 5:54 am,

Medical emergencies always come as a surprise. To get the best in class medical facilities without any financial burden on you or your family, you must have health insurance. This article mainly focuses on things you must know before buying health insurance and also the need for health insurance.

There are multiple insurance firms which offer various health insurance policies. Hence, it is obvious for a person to be in ambiguity while choosing the health policy. You can refer to this article before zeroing in on your plan to understand more about health insurance.

Things to consider before buying health Insurance

1. Claim Process:

Make sure that the claim process is simpler and faster. It is always good to go for health insurance which has simple claim process. During emergencies we cant run and waste our time for claiming the policy. So, it is better if the process is simple.

2. Family Health Insurance:

Always consider your family members age and present ailments if any before buying the health insurance.

3. Select the Insurance amount:

Select the insurance amount wisely. Consider your age and it is always better to invest early so that premium amount is less. Consider the income level and choose accordingly so that the premiums are affordable to you.

4. Network hospitals: 

We should always look for Insurers which offer cashless network hospitals. This feature avoids the patient’s intervention and hospital settles the medical bills contacting the Insurance provider directly. So, you will have peace of mind during the settlement of medical bills. Select insurers which have a high number of hospitals in their network.

5. Maternity benefits: 

You may wonder is there a need for maternity expenses? Yes, there is! With the medical expenses soaring, pregnancy costs have increased as well. It is very much important for women to buy health insurance which offers maternity benefits.

6. Pre hospitalization expenses:  

It is not always necessary that we get hospitalised every time we visit the doctor. Sometimes you may visit the doctor, undergo some tests and then follow up with the doctor. During such cases choose the policy which offers pre-hospitalization expenses also.

7. Lifetime renewal:

Look for health policies which offer lifetime renewal options. Chances of falling sick are more as you age compared to when you are young.

8. Free medical check-up:

Consider the policy which offers free medical check-up.

So, having understood the basic things that you must know before buying health insurance, you must also consider buying the best health insurance policies which offer wide coverage. Health insurance does come with death benefits and Tax exemptions also. In case of the death of the primary insurer, another person from a family can continue with the policy and the sum insured will remain the same.

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